Technical info on the 22RE, 22RTE, and similar Toyota systems

IE - what you need to know to integrate with Megasquirt:

Jeff Moskovitz's page on basic components of the 22RE / 22RTE fuel injection system
A Turbo 22RE Celica with SDS EFI
Fabrication: How to build a turbo header.. (Otherwise, buy mine at $325 + shipping)
ECU wiring diagram for an 1988 4Runner Toysports 20r, 22r, 22re, 22rte technical information and specs - a very important read for anyone considering building one of these motors. Megasquirt wiring diagram and connector labels (if adapting to the stock wiring harness) Various turbo timing maps and fuel maps (various car and configs, use with CAUTION or ask me.
Engine compartment wiring harness information - 1988 4Runner
How to fabricate your own 22RE turbo manifold
Generalized 22RE ECU connector pin outs
Recalibrating the Toyota TACH for motor swaps.
Pin outs (ECU Connector) for a 1986 22RTE pickup
Early MR2 to Megasquirt harness design
Megasquirt manual (Megasquirt-II ONLY) on using toyota ignition (VAST) with megasquirt
Megasquirt manual on using MS-I SnS (Squirt and Spark) with toyota ignition (VAST)
SAE information on the 22RE (and other) electronic timing control (TCCS) - PDF format
SAE information on toyota distributor and distributorless ignition systems - PDF format
Fuel injector selection and ID
Typical EGT, etc for 22RTE

Other 22RTE and turbo 22RE personal pages

Jeff Mosk's 22RTE page
Bruce's 22RTE pages:
Supercharged 2.3L Ranger
Cylinder Head Intake Air Flow (Aprox)
Stock 130 CFM
Stage 2 160 CFM
Stage 3 200 CFM
Stage 5 250 CFM

1975 1982 20R Cylinder Head Round Intake Port / Round Exhaust Port 80 / 81cc Chamber In. Valve Dia. 43mm / Ex. Valve Dia. 35mm

1981 / 84 22R / RE Cylinder Head Square Intake Port / Round Exhaust Port 82 /83 cc Chamber In. Valve Dia. 44.5mm / Ex. Valve Dia. 36.5mm

1985 / 95 22R / RE Cylinder Head Square Intake Port / Pear Shaped Exhaust Port 58 cc Chamber or 22RET (Turbo) In. Valve Dia. 44.5mm / Ex Valve Dia. 36.5mm