Costs of my build

Costs and ongoing details of my build as well as new modifications.... Scroll down to see the latest.

Before detailing these costs, I'd like to mention that my build up costs are a bit excessive. Why? Because I felt like I needed to spend the money up front for a motor that would handle a bit of abuse in the event that I had problems during tuning. A more reasonable cost motor can be built to a spec providing easily over 180 hp. I can talk more about a budget turbo motor later. I disclose my costs because I see so many write ups on the internet that look great, but don't detail exactly how cost effective those projects were.

New design and costs

I spoke with Tim Jenkins at DOA Racing based on personal recommendations. Decisions and pricing:

Ongoing Modifications, problems, and changes:
  • 7/28/07 Blew out a "paper" intake manifold gasket at 12-15psi. I hadn't correctly retorqued my intake manifold since I built the motor, I was starting to weep water. I retorqued, but too late.. Blew a big leak on the way to work. I ordered a solid plastic replacement gasket - one of those "heat insulating" deals on ebay. I don't buy the insulation deal, but I do buy that it is a solid gasket that isn't going to be impacted by coolant. I considered replacing the 440cc injectors while I was in there, but decided I was too lazy.
  • 8/1/07 Megatune says I'm hitting 100% duty cycle during low gear acceleration. This indcates I'm probably hitting over 200hp, but isn't going to work.
  • 8/7/07 Spent several hours rerouting the 22RE heater hoses. In particular, the hose that wraps around the rear of the head ends up too close to my downpipe. I had insulated it, but felt it might cause a long term reliability problem and potentially leave me stranded some day. I took the stock pipe, cut it up, ended up welding it into a U bend from teh bottom of the manifold and placed the water feed on the passengers side of the intake manifold. Down side is that the hose is in the way of the heater control, something else to deal with.. One step forward, half step back.
  • Still to-do.. Need to figure out how to do an intercooler, results from other 22RE turbos running intercoolers are very encouraging (100+ degree drops) - no real room to do it with my bumper though.. Considering alternatives.

    Head and Cam specifics

    22RE head by DOA Racing - new Top Line casting