Megasquirt 22re

Q: Gimmie the how-to GUIDE.

A: OK - The guide is in a DRAFT state and should not be used without doing your own research. It can be found HERE.

Q: I want to use a programmable EFI system, but I don't have $1700 for the full SDS setup. I don't want to run a bunch of wires all over. I'm not an electrical engineer and I don't want to read a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. Can you help me?

A: Yes. In most cases anyway. A few options:

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It depends. Three options:

Q: What if it doesn't work?

A: All megasquirt units are tested on a stimulator and are pre-loaded with software. Chances of malfunction are slim. Harness adapters are independently double checked. I stand behind what I sell, so if it doesn't work for you I will refund the costs associated with any hardware upon it's return. If you keep it for longer than 10 days, it's yours. If you mess up the tune, I can reprogram it for a discounted fee.

Q: What does an adapter look like?


Q: Is that all the hardware I need?

A: You also need MS-I PCB 3, SnS-E that has been modified for the toyota 22re. If you're keeping the stock AFM, that's it.

Q: Is this good for stock motors?

A: I see no reason to use megasquirt on a somewhat stock motor. You certainly can gain a few hp via tuning changes for premium fuel, etc - but overall, toyota did a good job and there's not reason to use this with a stock motor. It turns your EFI into a completely tunable system, but there is no real HP to be had on a stock application.

Q: Why do I need this?

A: Most people don't. When you start to exceed the limitations of the stock EFI - that could be due to moderate to large cams, significant port work, or anything that really makes that 22RE produce more power than stock, you need to consider moving away from the stock EFI.

Q: Do I need to use a wideband O2?

A: My opinion: for NA motors, no. For turbo or blown motors, yes.

Q: That 22RE is weak and it can't be helped! Why should I waste my money on it over a motor swap?

A: It's my belief that you can build a 200 hp 22RE for under $2k using a t3/t4 turbo, 22RTE pistions, and megasquirt. An engine swap might cost the same, but factor in the cost of driveline modifications and all the supporting hardware.

Q:I have a 22RTE motor, but no ECU or wiring harness. Can you help?

A: I can show you how to setup megasquirt to work with your setup and refer you to a vendor that offers a pre-built harness for megasquirt applications. You have to source the connectors on your own.

Q:Is megasquirt good for the 22RTE?

A: I have a rather "custom" 22RTE, but my belief is that stock 22RTEs can benefit a whole lot from this system - they're totally "turned down" from the factory. With reasonable boost, a much less expensive and better performing turbo - and proper fuel, I'll bet they can be a kick in the pants.